The Town of Ogien

Ogien sits in a tract of deep forest at the top of a ravine. Within the ravine is a coal mine, which provides the majority of the economic lifeblood of the town. The townspeople trade coal from the mine, which is in constant demand in a world where the skies are never brighter than a turgid charcoal gray.

Like other towns in Kozemar, any goods that cannot be grown or made within the town are brought by the Caravans, heavily armed and armored chains of wagons that navigate the few remaining roads according to well-kept guild secrets. The caravan guild merchants profit highly from this monopoly.

Miners hold the town’s respect – their guild has its own measure of influence in the town proper. Most of the rest of the town supports the miners – taverns and alehouses for downtime, equipment suppliers (the miners must purchase their own gear, among other entry fees).

Hunters are considered foolhardy at best, and somewhat bestial at worst. Undeniably, spending that much time in the forests seems to change a man. The payday for good furs – ermine, mink, fox, and beaver – is worth the risk for some folk, however.

Farmers ply their trade in the western quarter, though like most townships in Kozemar, they benefit from the protection of the town wall. The farms take up fully half the town, growing the staple crops and livestock that keep the town fed from day to day. To keep things organized, farmers are grouped into different market days on which they are allowed to sell their goods in the main square.

Everyone who isn’t a farmer lives in the Town Proper, a wandering collection of joined buildings that become progressively richer and more expansive the closer one gets to the Lord’s Keep. The estates of Ogien’s three noble families flank the Keep on its eastern side.

Notable Persons


  • Baron Gregor Compari – a grossly fat and unpleasant fellow, he holds his position largely due to heredity and partially because nothing bad enough has happened to the town to make people interested in pressing for his removal. He is believed to spend most of his time gorging himself on food and wine, with little interest in government unless something threatens his luxuries.
  • Lady Erline Compari – The Baron’s second wife, twenty years his junior. She spends her days with her ladies in waiting (young ladies from the noble houses). Like her predecessor, she has yet to bear her husband an heir, leading to wagging tongues of gossip behind closed doors.
  • Reeve Mannix Crezhnik – A tall, almost skeletal-looking man who brings petitions before the baron and returns with the orders of government. He serves as the Word of the Law insofar as he is the Baron’s mouthpiece before the Council and with the Watch.
  • High Priest Osmond Carakas – Though his piercing blue eyes are surrounded by crow’s feet and his beard is gray upon his chest, the high priest still burns with the inner fire of the Light, and makes no uncertainty about the fact that the considers both the spiritual life and material safety of the town to be his responsibility.
  • Avrille Honette – The youngest member of the Town Council, Avrille only recently became matron of House Honette when the elder Lady Honette passed away. Avrille is always seen in high fashion and rich dress, including jewelry, fashionable gowns, and elaborate hairstyles no matter the time of day.
  • Rand LaFouine – The greasy patron of House LaFouine has yellowing skin and eyes that glitter hollowly in their deep sockets. If you want the best deals and the most difficult-to-find goods from the merchant caravans, however, LaFouine is the one you want to talk to.
  • Turella Argent – The elder matron of House Argent has retained much of her fire from her youthful days journeying with caravans as a hired sword. She was known to be a master of the rapier before arthritis twisted her hands. Children tell each other stories about just how she lost the last two fingers of her left hand, but Turella has never bothered to confirm or deny any of them.

Miner’s Guild

  • Orson Ruggers – A broad-shouldered bear of a man, Orson’s nose has been broken more than once and never quite set. He is the driving force behind mine profits and expansion.
  • Derla Tilmore – Dyes her hair a stunning red wine color using forest berries to cover up a stubborn white lock. Some claim she was elected to guild leadership only because of respect for her late husband, rather than any real merits of her own.
  • Tedmund Callahan – Having been caught in or near three different coal dust explosions, Tedmund is a bit jumpy, and slightly deaf in one ear. He has myriad tattoos, including his name on every limb, just in case he gets blown to bits one day and they have to identify him by parts.


  • Guard Captain Algar – The commander of Ogien’s watch and militia, Algar is physically imposing and by reputation a capable (if unimaginative) tactician.
  • Blacksmith Lucetta Montrose – She runs the smithy she inherited from her father with the help of her twin sons. Their father left with the caravans some ten years ago.
  • Fletcher Dorian Wilde – Dorian used to hunt the forests for furs, but too much time in the woods has driven him mad. He sits in his corner, rocking back and forth singing songs to himself while making arrows. His niece Lilia handles the business itself.
  • Guild Store Purveyor Quinton Dameron – Recognizes his prices are high, but his hands are tied by the guild bylaws. He’s sure you understand.
  • Muriel Fuller, Innkeeper of “The Gilded Rose” – The short, stout Fuller widow has a lazy eye and is a bit slow, but no one in town would dream of taking advantage of sweet, simple Muriel.
  • Lita Creeder, keeper of “The Drunken Goat” tavern – Lita’s facial piercings and elegant hand and face tattoos make her an exotic persona, even before one finds she also enjoys playing the lute and singing. Her tavern frequently has musicians playing and is a preferred establishment of the nobility. She claims noble blood herself, though from a town far distant.
  • Roderick Ogle, owner of “The Coal Cellar” alehouse – Roderick is quiet as they come, but built like gate tower. He has the uncanny ability to settle down a rowdy table of off-duty miners with one long, stern look.
  • Tray Broussard, owner of “The Staggering Spider” alehouse – Tray is a man of mercurial humors, ranting one minute and laughing until he can’t stand the next. No one’s quite sure whether his constant drinking is the cause or the cure of his fits, but they do know the Staggering Spider is the place to go if you feel like avoiding notice or not dealing with any pesky rules aside from “don’t piss off the owner”.


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