Welcome to Kozemar

No one has seen the sun for generations.

Fortified towns in defensible locations keep the shreds of civilization alive.

Heavily armed caravans provide lifeblood trade. The guild that controls the caravans wields significant political power, balanced by the Keepers of the Light and a nominal monarchy. Only some portions of the Merchant Road are well marked. Navigating the Road is a guild secret.

It was not always so. Before the time of darkness came, one man stood alone and called out against its coming. That hallowed soul now known as Saint Karamati was once a high priest of the Light, who saw signs that foretold a great time of darkness that would descend on the land. Fearing for humanity’s future, Karamati gathered followers, and they took to the roads to spread their prophecy of the coming calamity, and Karamati’s vision of how it might be averted.

Over many months, Saint Karamati shaped the Great Crystal at the Pillars of Creation, while the gathered craftsmen of Civilization shaped the Great Temple around it according to the designs laid down by that worthy mind. But as with any activity of the Light, there came a Shadow. There were enemies of the Light even then, and their agents came to the Great Temple even as Karamati began the ritual that would be our bastion against the darkness for all time. These heretics, traitors to Civilization itself slaughtered the workers and the artisans as they tore through the work of the Great Saint.

In the end, Karamati alone stood to oppose them. As the ritual completed, he raised up his hands and smote them with the Holiest Light of Creation, and the brilliance of it shone even into distant cities on the horizon. But when that brilliance had faded, and all that remained was the Beacon of the Great Crystal, Saint Karamati came forth no more.

Scouts were sent to the temple, who found the horror of slaughter and destruction, and no sign of the Great Karamati. So the Keepers lifted him up into Sainthood, and have learned from his teachings. They learned crystal sympathy and began spreading beacons across the civilized world, becoming the lifeblood of power and protection in every surviving pocket of humanity.

But now the light of the crystals is dying…


Kozemar - Dying Light

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