Character Professional Titles

Character Titles

When introducing yourself, you won’t be calling yourself a “Level 9 Barbarian” in public, so here are professional titles you can use based on your class and level. Being familiar with these titles can also give you hints about the NPCs you encounter, as they may use similar titles when referring to themselves or others.

NOTE: Kozemar is a world with a certain expected amount of deception. Certainly Kavi and Witch-born won’t be advertising their powers at every social gathering, so you may wish to read this list for classes other than your own – the better to masquerade.


Make up your own name based on your most impressive achievement, ie: Crom the Ogre-Hunter, Slayer of the Winter Wolf of Ogien. Update your title often when you achieve something mighty!

Bard (Kavi)

Kavi rarely use their titles directly except when speaking to others they know also study obscure magical lore. Often, they enjoy weaving a reference to their knowledge into riddles, however.

  • Level 1-2: The Seeker
  • Level 3-9: The Seer
  • Level 10-14: The Traveler (of the Old Roads)
  • Level 15-19: (He/She/One) Who Sees Between Worlds
  • Level 20: Master of Many Secrets


On formal occasions, clerics will add “of the Light” to their title (“of the Sword” if they chose the War domain).

  • Level 1: Acolyte
  • Level 2-8: Adept
  • Level 9-14: Priest/Priestess
  • Level 15-19: Patriarch/Matriarch
  • Level 20: High Priest / High Priestess


Many fighters eschew titles, introducing themselves simply by name and a hometown or recent residence. When stuck up nobles need to be impressed, however, it doesn’t hurt to trot out something impressive. Feel free to substitute “Sword” below with your weapon of choice.

  • Level 1-2: Swordsman/Sword-maid/Sword-maiden, etc
  • Level 3-9: Hero or Warrior (of a particular town or city), or else Master of the Sword (if a Battle Master)
  • Level 10-14: Champion (of a particular town or city), or Master-at-Arms
  • Level 15-19: List 2-3 “Savior of X, Champion of Y”, or else Grand Master
  • Level 20: Lord or Lady (or Warlord)


Paladins above Pledge level frequently add “of the Light” to their title, mainly in formal occasions or to impress. Other times they are addressed by title then name (“Protector Jocun”) or by title alone.

  • Level 1-2: Pledge
  • Level 3-9: Protector
  • Level 10-14: Judge
  • Level 15-19: High Justiciar
  • Level 20: Holy Knight


A rogue is really only going to include a title if they think it will impress people, and half the time they may be lying anyway. A rogue’s title is much more likely to be on his wanted poster…

  • Level 1-2: Footpad or Dodger
  • Level 3-9: Cutpurse, Lifter, Enforcer or Cutthroat – per your specialty
  • Level 10-14: Burglar or Killer/Butcher – assassins may choose to reference their method, eg “The Dockside Strangler”. By this point you might have infamy enough to use your town or city as well, such as “Thief of Rajya”
  • Level 15-19: Thief or Assassin
  • Level 20: Master Thief or Master Assassin

Sorcerer (Witch-born)

Like the Kavi, witch-born aren’t likely to reveal their status as practitioners of the arcane arts to everyday people. Their titles are more a matter of personal vanity used to impress the sorts of people who are fascinated by them.

  • Level 1: the Uncanny
  • Level 2-8: Witch-born
  • Level 9-14: Fey-blooded
  • Level 15-19: Fey Prince / Princess
  • Level 20: Fey Lord / Lady

Character Professional Titles

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