Player Character Classes in Kozemar

The world of Kozemar is steeped in fell magic, wielded by wretched dark fey and other horrors. Most civilized people avoid any magic except the divine variety as much as possible. There are no schools or students of magic. To reflect this, some classes are restricted and others are not available for the Kozemar campaign.

Banned classes:

  • Druid
  • Ranger
  • Wizard

Removed archetypes:

  • Draconic sorcerer
  • Warlock Pact of the Fiend

New archetypes:

  • Huntsman (fighter)
  • Dream sorcerer
  • Warlock Pact of the Shade

Restricted archetypes (not necessarily banned but intended to be very rare and should be justified by good role play):

  • Eldritch knight (fighter)
  • Cleric domains other than War, Life, or Light
  • Arcane trickster (rogue)
  • Monks other than Open Hand
  • Paladin Oath of the Ancients

See the Player’s Bible for full details


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